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Dear. Aslamo Alakum. Mera sawal hei ki kon sa firqa jantai hei. Hanfi, Malki, Shafi, Hanbly and shia are the muqallad of those who borne 100 year later after the completion of Islam. Their saying is not islam, as you do not accept the saying of Hanbly, Malki, Shafi and shias as islam. Likewise a man of Hambly firqa do not accept the version of other group. It means that this not Islam. Islam is only Quran and saying of Muhammad (SAW). However, if they have narrated the versions of Islam, those may be wrong. Due to the reasons, every sect do not accept the vesions given by the sects. If we see the very early era of Islam, you will find the followers of Quran and Saying of Muhammad (SAW). The Firqas which came into existance after centuries, cannot be said are the followers of Muhammad (SAW). Because they give preference to their own Imams and also rejects the saying of other Imams. My version is that one who do not accept Quran o Hadith is a Kafir and if he adopts the other path made be those who borne centuries after the completion of Islam, will be considered Ghumrah Firqajat. As per quotation of Peer Abdul Qadir Jillani, in his book Ghunya Tul Talbeen, he narrates that Hanfi Firqa (Deobani / Barelvi here in Indo-Pak are said to be Hanfi)is a ghumrah Firqa. Please comment. Thanks Wa alakum salam.



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