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Dear mufti Sahab, As salaam o alaikum wha rakhmat ullah alay hi. we read in Quran,we read in all Ahadees book,we listion some alim related to (due band,ahalay haidees,etc)but we always listion same thing that sahaba-a-ikram are those persons who saw our holy prophet Huzrat Muhammad PBUH or those person that our holy prophet PBUH says they are my shaba-a-ikram.thats why after their name we write (razi Allah Tahala hun ho ajmahin).but the whole alam related to dawat-e islami specilly in faizan-e madina says in their speech always (huzrat Ilyas Qadri khan razi Allah Tahala hun ho.but on the other hand we always write (rahmat Allah haly hi}with the name of our big Imam names as Abu hanifa rahmat Allah haly hi,Imam Malik rahmat Allah haly hi,and same thing with all other big Imam.Even in our holy city Makkah Mukarma and Madina Munawara alim also used same name rahmat Allah haly hi with the name of muslim big imam as name aboved.Now please tell me how we write razi Allah tahala hun ho with the name of Muhammad Ilyas Qadri khan sahab.



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