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Assalaam alaiykum, One my freind Send this email ((((What are the ruling regarding amulets ( Taweez ) ??? Allah (swt) says in Holy Quran, \"And if Allah touches you with harm, none can remove it but He, and if he touches you with good, then He is able to do all things.\" [Surah Al-An%u2019am (06); Ayah # 17] Let us see some of many Ahaadis which directly refute wearing of any kind of Taweez. 1) \"Whosoever hangs tamaaim (taweez), he had committed Shirk.\" Source: Masnad Ahmad, Sahih Al-Jamaee-6270 Silsils Sahiah-492 (Written by Sheikh Albani) 2) Aqba Bin Aamar (RA) narrated that Muhammad (saw) said, \"Whosoever hangs taweez, may Allah not fulfill his wishes? And whoever hangs shells, may Allah not give him peace.\" Source: Masnad Ahmad and Mustadrak Al-Hakim. Dear Muslim brothers, may be this is the reason we see people wander here and there in search of the so called the effective taweez. 3) Rauqi Bin Thabit (RA) narrated that Muhammad (saw) said, %u201CO Rouqi, whoever ties knots in his beard or hangs threads with knots or does urination (Istinja) with animal bobes, declare him that Muhammad (saw) is exempt from him.\" Source: Sahih Sunan Nisaee Hadis no. 4694 4) Abu Bakar (RA) narrated that he was traveling with with Muhammad (saw), then the prophet sent a messenger and ordered him to say: \"Let there be ropes of knots in any of the camels\' necks, and cut them if any camel has it.\" Source: Sahi Bukhari and Sahih Muslim During Jahiliyya people used to hang threads knots to prevent from Nazar (bad eye). Prophet ordered to remove them all.))) this is given email by me friend so plz reply me, i want answer throgh Quran an Hadees



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