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Assalamu wa aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu I from Brazil and living in Brazil,i liked to make questions I always read sites related to the Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Barelwi, and try to practice Islam ahle sunnat wa jama\'at, I converted to Islam a few years and now stay looking of one murshid, but the turuq sufis I found I have raised issues that silence not within my mind, which are: According to Muqadas of all turuq here in Brazil said: \"He who does khalwa, not committing more sins.\" \"The Hijab for women is not necessary, therefore the hijab not is fard.\" \"The beard of the Muslim not is fard ain.\" \"Only to learn the basics of Shari\'ah.\" \"All Jews, Christians can go to paradise even if at times today.\" This all is part of aqeedah is correct or deviation in aqeedah? How then do I find a real Murshid sufi if they belong to the ahlu dhalala? Another question to take, there is some durood shareef to nikkah and a durood shareef to take dunya hasana? If there can teach me? All these issues are very important to me ... Jazakallah fik



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